Saturday, January 29, 2022

If your HEART is TRUE


James 1:5

King James Version

5 If any of you lack wisdom, 

let him ask of God, 

that giveth to all men liberally, 

and upbraideth not; 

and it shall be given him.

What does it mean to have a TRUE HEART?

Simply, that you seek the LORD.

And that you seek Him with all your might.

And what happens when you do?

Expect these:

GOD will answer, in a way you can understand.

Everything will be made clear to you -- your life, your work, self, people around you, the past, present, and future.

You will be led to the Bible.

Your life will be Bible-based.

The HOLY SPIRIT will teach you Scripture.

He will help you understand the Bible in the simplest way.

You will find having a childlike, trusting heart is best.

You will begin to see the connections in your life.

You will be led to CHRIST.

You will understand all things Christ.

You will want to be born again -- God will make sure.

You will have no fear for the future -- all has been prophesied.

You will be guided by Spirit each day.

You will love the lessons about JESUS.

You will put all your trust, and faith, in JESUS.

You will want to share what you've learned -- the WORD of GOD.

You will know how to share the WORD.

GOD will teach you, every step of the way.

You will feel God's love for you.

You will know God's love for others.

You will want to tell them that.

You will know that ONLY GOD has CONTROL over EVERYTHING.

You will laugh at man's puny ways.

You will know it only takes ONE angel, appointed by GOD, to bind Satan.

You will KNOW the POWER of JESUS.

You will understand the BEAUTY of His WORD.

You will have found your priceless pearl -- GOD, JESUS, the HOLY SPIRIT, the WORD of GOD.

You will begin to see, with a grateful heart.

You will begin to understand God's ways, through Scripture.

The world's ways will not alarm you.

JESUS will teach you about the RAPTURE.

You will welcome the Rapture.

You will alert people to it.

You know WHO and WHAT to trust -- JESUS, and His WORD.

You will be taught in a way that's perfectly attuned to your heart.

Never again will there be missing pieces in your life.


And if you doubt all that, look here.

It's the body of work SPIRIT inspired me to work on.

Towards better understanding God, and His laws.

His Word, His Son, His Spirit, His plans.

Never again will you fear.

All will be made clear.

For JESUS is here.

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