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Proverbs 18:12

King James Version

12 Before destruction 

the heart of man is haughty, 

and before honour 

is humility.

Are you a book nut, like me?

Do you live, and breathe books?

I used to, at one point in my life.

Books were my one, wonderful escape.

The written word kept calling to me.

Whether writing, reading, or researching.

At first, it was for the pleasure of reading.

Apart from the fact, I could not be like other kids, or young adults.

They could party.

My father expected I'd be studying, and kept me from what he deemed worthless pursuits.

In the long run, that was a very wise decision.

But what do kids know about the wisdom and foreknowledge of parents?


We've all been there

We rebel at the idea.

Soon after, I became resigned to my fate.

And discovered books were a great companion against trouble, idleness, or loneliness.

Even the dictionary became my best friend.


It taught me to type.

Oh, yes!

On my father's two-volume Webster dictionary, there was a page where a keyboard was illustrated.

Long before my father got me a typewriter, I was already typing on that page.

That helped me get into the rhythm of typing.

There were other cool pages on that dictionary.

I began to love quotations and proverbs, not knowing that was all preparation for the work I was to eventually do.

I became writer of this blog, and many other blogs you've been reading.

I also began to understand the concept of words.

And the context they were used in.

Spelling became a breeze.

Books took me places.

Pleasure turned to research.

An eagerness to explore many avenues.

Where libraries, thriftshops, or bookshops were, there I was.

Where others liked slick, orderly bookshops, I sought the most cluttered ones.

For it's there I knew I'd find treasures.

True enough, I did.

Romance books turned to psychology, to art, to cuisine, to nature, and eventually to what would be deep study in another curious field.

In the mid-90s, I began reading what others labeled "new age".

Now, that triggered more research.

So, I'd find myself reading about art, business, dreams, psychology, herbs, aromatherapy, feng shui, various religions, channeled material, angels, alternative ways to build, cook, live, study, work,  heal, think.

The deeper I went, the more I was magnetized to know ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Except I couldn't seem to find it.

I felt something was being withheld.

Or perhaps, I was being "blocked", to know?

Or was I in the wrong field, searching for the right thing?

I just knew it was OUT THERE.

I felt like someone was dangling a carrot, so close to my reach, and yet wasn't about to release it.

Oh, but I've always been tenacious in my research.

No place, no nook, no book was to be hidden from me.

Some books I wouldn't touch.

Those that went deep into the occult.

Somehow, you sense something wasn't right.

And if you stepped into that threshold, be prepared to be sucked in.

I wasn't about to go there.

Even as the books were just there for the taking.

I was looking for something, but darkness wasn't part of it.

On, and on, I went for them thar books.

Digging in, drowning in towers of books.

Until such time, I sensed, there was no more book to read.

Was that at all possible?

If you were in my shoes then, having read too many books, perhaps you'd consider the idea.

After a while, I noticed I was stuck.

And broke.

For I had spent everything on books.


I'd been at it since 1995.

Only one thing to do.

Sell some of mine.

That gave me the opportunity to buy new ones.

Every year, I'd clear out my bookshelf, and sell to friends who sold at a fair.

That gave me new ammunition to buy.

A lot, I've given away, too.

To a man who liked books for his community.

To a woman who ran an alternative artist's community.

One thanked me profusely.

The other didn't even bother.

I wanted to give away my books to a local library.

But I noticed they kept the donated books in a closet.

I figured, they'd do the same with mine.

And what's the use of giving away, if it doesn't get to the person who may want to read it?

But there was one book I had not touched.

Except for the obligatory reading at school.

I had not read the Bible.

It looked humongous.

Thick, with wafer-thin pages, and tiny letters.

Man, how do I begin?

It looked imposing.

And there were so many versions.

Now, there came a time publishers became compassionate, and started selling books called "LARGE print edition", or something like that.

Wow, that was really cool!

I bought several, and enjoyed the journey.

I was getting old.

My eyes were getting strained.

And not many large-lettered ones could be found.

I wondered how the Bible would be, if they made it LARGE print.

Remember, those were the days before Bible apps.

It's all hard copy.

Now, you could easily zoom in a page, or a word, on your phones, or laptops.

Maybe, if the Bible had large letters then, I'd buy the book.


I could sense God smiling.

Well, long story short, eventually, I began reading the Bible.

When God made me born again, it was AUTOMATIC.

I dropped EVERYTHING that was not OF HIM.

The HOLY SPIRIT taught me how.

He taught me which ones to let go of.

And led me to KJV.


Sat well with me, for I understood it quite easily.

What others considered archaic, spoke very well to my heart.

As a result, I "threw" away most of my books.

Gave them away, or threw them in the trash.

They say, you ought to burn them.

But there was no place to do that where I lived.

Even as it remained in my heart to do so.

Now, I have maybe 100 books left.

Various subjects.

Mostly research.

Nothing new age.

Romans 1:25

King James Version

25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, 

and worshipped and served the creature 

more than the Creator, 

who is blessed for ever. 


Mostly child-like books left.

For I loved learning from kid's books.

They're so fun, and simple.

Totally first base.

Will give it away, too.

For I need to clear my shelf.

And leave just ONE BOOK.


In His Book, I found ALL I needed to KNOW about life.

About HIM.

About JESUS.

About the HOLY SPIRIT.

My education is nearing completion.

Or, at least, whatever God wants me to know.

The search has been over two years ago.

All that's left, is peace.



And yes, child-like trust.

And delight.

As I await the LORD's return.

Was all that exercise futile?

The research, the purchase, the studying of all other books?

Almost all my life?


God wanted it that way, for me.

He wanted me to see the other side.

He also knew I won't stop, till I found ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Even after I kept going around in circles, for a time.

He knew the white flag would be raised.


And that's when HE showed up.

Then His SPIRIT started teaching me.


Was God's hand in my life?


Now, I can testify of His WORD.

The brilliance, majesty, and magnificence of His WORD.

And His non-stop LOVE for us.

Why else did He send His SON?

Why else did He inspire the BOOK to be written?

These verses tell us.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

King James Version

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, 

and is profitable for doctrine, 

for reproof, 

for correction, 

for instruction in righteousness:

17 That the man of God may be perfect, 

thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

We all need correction?


Romans 3:23

King James Version

23 For all have sinned, 

and come short 

of the glory of God;

The books God made me read, exposed me to what the world was about.

How else could I tell you what I don't know about?

And then, He gave me HIS BOOK.

And I began to know the difference.

In the end, GOD knew I was His.

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