Wednesday, July 7, 2021



2 Timothy 2:15

King James Version

15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, 

a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, 

rightly dividing the word of truth.

Am I having a dissertation on the Holy Spirit?

Why else do I write so much about Him?

Why did God lead me to being born again?

Why did being born again lead me to Jesus?

Why did Jesus lead me to the Holy Spirit?

Why did the Holy Spirit lead me to Jesus?

Simply because, Jesus will lead me to God.

It's all GOD.

That was the plan.

Not mine.


He knows my heart.

He knows how to teach me.

And the circle goes.

Full circle.


How else could I have figured that out?

Only through the Holy Spirit of God.

Before becoming born again, I was searching for God's TRUTH.

When I became born again, I'm finally beginning to know it.

And yet the material is VAST.

Would I have enough time in my life to know God?

God had mercy.

He led me to the imminence of the RAPTURE.

That was the starting point for all my studies.

Without the anointing of His Holy Spirit, I'd be lost.

When you are led by God to look into the Rapture, EVERYTHING changes.

You realize the urgency to know God, and to get right with God.

Thus, all my studies were poured into knowing how to do that.

And to share everything with you.


SCRIPTURE is so beautiful.

It's so RICH with GOD's material.

But it's only by being given understanding FROM Spirit, can we begin to understand God.

If your heart is true, God would surely be there.

I guess, my delight is in serving God.

And I'm thrilled to share with you my findings.

Having a dissertation in Architecture, wasn't exactly fun for me.

I was the reluctant architecture student.

But having a "dissertation" on the Holy Spirit gives me boundless joy.

I present to you my moment-by-moment findings.

All inspired by the SUBJECT Himself.


I'm all about authenticity.

Either you like the task; or you don't.

When you like it -- such as my studies on Spirit -- the results are amazing.

When you don't like what you do, expect it to be lackluster.

An uninspired waste of time.

Who could be a better subject than GOD?

My Bible teacher, Joseph, is probably right.

My articles are a "dissertation" on Spirit.

I go to the marrow of the matter.

Not to-marrow, but today.

Oh my, sounds like another article.

That's how it is to work with Spirit.

He makes you study Him.

In a delightful way.

For such is HIS Spirit in me.

Wouldn't you want to know how He'll work with you, too?

The only way to understand God is THROUGH His Spirit.

It's His Spirit teaching you.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Become a true born again -- humbled, repentant, obedient -- and Spirit will teach you His many wonderful ways

Having this daily dissertation, quenches my thirst for God.

It allows me no desert of spirit.



No earthly dessert could fill that hunger.

Nothing could be MORE fascinating than STUDYING God.

And so, I present to you my daily findings.

Thank you for paying attention to the material Spirit and I have worked on for the past 22 months.

And with this dissertation, I promise NEVER to desert GOD.

That's what being born again means.

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